Corpus is Latin for body, but it’s also a set of documents (texts, images, videos, etc..), artistic or not, gathered with a specific aim.  A corpus can be used in several areas: literary studies, language, science, etc..

The Corpus installation proposes a new way to exhibit collections of documents – photography, video, audio, 3D objects­– . It has been used in museums, galleries, on the Internet, for events, and in any places where it’s not physically possible to display a large set of documents on walls. Corpus enables the curators, the artists and the public to organize a collection that makes sense or is just harmonious.

I’ve been involved in the development of the following Corpuses Digital Diaries, People and Pottery, Scriptorial and cColbert but on-situ has created some more, just take a look at the website.


Corpus Stereoscopy


DD.03 pap1 Scriptorial_capture4 ccolvertInv