Interactive staging of a collection of manuscripts at the Avranches Scriptorial.

The Scriptorial is the museum of manuscripts of Mont Saint-Michel. As it is almost impossible to show the public  the entire collection of manuscripts owned by the museum, the curators asked on-situ to design an interactive installation capable of restoring all these documents and enhancing the fine details of the drawings.

Basing our work on the Corpus system we designed a new behavior and upgraded the rendering engine with “tilings” making it possible to view the images with up to 100 Mega pixels.



Scriptorial_capture4 Scriptorial_capture7 IMG_0805 Scriptorial_capture3 IMG_0796 IMG_0785retouch IMG_0792 IMG_0794retouch IMG_0792retouch B250025_MS086_F004_2 B250025_MS050_F001_2