cColbert is an installation and a 3D web experience that aims to promote French luxury brands in China. It’s a journey into the space of emotions that has been created over centuries by the luxury houses associated with the Comité Colbert. As a guideline we find the words: “art de vivre”, “émotion”, “lumière”, etc. Each giving a different slant on this dream-like experience.

cColbert, developed with unity3D, stayed online for 3 months and had nearly one million unique visitors. With the support of Sina we dedicated a cluster of servers (load balanced) making it possible to stream the data on demand – audio, video and images -.

cColbert is a Corpus by on-situ.


voyage_virtuel_luxe_colbert photo 3 ccolbert-2 ccolbert-4 ccolvertInv ccolbert-1