People and Pottery


People And Pottery is a Corpus installation that aims to show a collection of digital pottery artifacts (3D models, photos, videos). This Corpus uses an interactive factorial analysis in order to present a selection of documents related to the route of the user inside of the collection.

People And Pottery is a traveling exhibition commissioned by five museums of ceramic in Europe.

  • Hothouse, Stoke on Trent (GB)
  • The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery (GB),
  • Musée National de Porcelaine Adrien Dubouché (FR),
  • Europaïsches Industriemuseum Für Porzellan (DE),
  • Herend Porcelanmuveszeti Muzeum Alapitvany (H),
  • Museo Internationale delle Ceramiche (IT)


pap1 pap Journeyinthepastkiosk1 IMG_0340 pap2 IMG_0332-retouchée