ray-on, a window into another reality.

ray-on is a device designed by on-situ that aims to show the visitor a lost or future environment in-situ.

The visible hardware consists mainly of an orientable screen, on a thin and elegant base. It can resist temperatures ranging from -20° to 35° and it is protected against rain, snow and vandalism.

The software is designed to provide a high resolution panoramic augmented reality of the environment. ray-on shows the visitor a “confusing reality” where the difference between reality and virtuality is indistinguishable. To reach this objective, the ray-on system relies on the fastlight algorithm.

For further information, just take a look at the official web page


091222_ray-on-4 montage_bene 091222_ray-on-3 2009-06-15_Borne_Ray-on_01 _MG_6192 2009-09-22_Borne_Ray_on_02_1 _MG_6181 _MG_6172 TimeLaps.0770 TimeLaps.0305 TimeLaps.0580 TimeLaps.0075