Date: 2001
Place: Chalon sur Saône
Org: on-situon-situ
ENSAMEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers
Team: Thomas Muller
Tech: ...




Fastlight is an algorithm that aims to interactively render a virtual scene in a natural light environment. We use spherical wavelets and pre-computed reflectance fields to make the computation time independent both to the rendering technique and to the complexity of the environment lighting. This technique is largely inspired by the work of  Paul Debevec and adapted to the field of augmented reality and real time.

Fastlight was first developed at the Institut Image and is now owned and maintained by on-situ.

Fastlight is at the heart of the ray-on system.


fastLightPosterEN fastlight3 fastlight1 fastlight2 fastlight4