Schlag is a live show, directed by Roland Auzet, based on the novel by Günter Grass Le Tambour.  It took place for the first time in Paris for the Agora Festival in 2003. Musicians, dancers, performers and a virtual actor – Oscar – were the protagonists on a big circular stage.  As described by Emmanuel Flety: “The stage was covered by a real Circus Tent in which 6 screens were scattered around the audience. Each screen was a kind of window where Oscar inspected and judged the world  with hate and anger. ”

We worked with Catherine Ikam and Louis Fléri on the virtual character Oscar. The goal was to provide a virtual actor that was able to interact autonomously with the real world. The modeling of the character was carried out by the Agence Darwin  (Montreal CA) and we designed the 3D engine and provided Oscar with a natural skin shader, lighting&shading, some FACS, a blend shapes system and an OSC network interface to drive it remotely. Emmanuel Flety and Yan Philippe used EyesWeb and MaxMSP to design the character’s behavior.

Schlag was probably one of the first live shows mixing virtual and real performers.

You’ll find an interesting conference report about this artwork here (in French), by Olivier Lussac.


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