Date: 1997
Place: Toulouse
Org: UPSUniversité Paul Sabatier
Team: Thomas Muller
Tech: POV-RayThe Persistence of Vision Raytracer

photoSynthèse #1


PhotoSyntèse is my first artwork project mixing photography and computer generated images.

The aim of this project was to show photographs of some Eastern European countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland) shot with an old analog camera in a new context. In some way it’s a metaphor about the transformation process in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall.

In 1997 some of these images took more than 3 days to render on a PC. Because the professional printing quality at this time was too low for exhibitions, I used a device from the university to transfer the digital images to photographic slides and then I developed them on photographic paper.

This exhibition was shown at:

  • September 1997: CROUS, rue du taur, Toulouse.
  • October 1997: B.U. l’Université P.Sabatier, Toulouse.
  • November 1997: I.N.S.A, Toulouse.
  • December 1997: I.R.I.T à l’U.P.S, Toulouse.
  • January 1998: C.A.E.S du C.N.R.S, Toulouse.
  • February 1998: Café Le Chat D’Oc 7 rue de Metz, Toulouse.
  • Mars 1998: UPSIDUM, Toulouse.
  • July and August 1998: Museu da ciencia viva, Faro, Portugal.

In collaboration with:

  • Action culturelle de la Division de la Vie Etudiante (UPS)
  • Culture Action 97 (CROUS)

Acknowledgements: Catherine Gadon (UPS), Françoise Lavaux (CROUS), Damien Fruchard,Olivier,Pierre (SCOM), Sylvain (SEPIA), Mme Dell’Ava (SCAS), RZR, Nicolai Balnikov, Yven


P46R1H P49R2H P44R1H P38R1H P42R1H P31R1H P25R1H P30R2H P24R2H P5R1H P10R1H P4R1H P20XR1H P1R1H P23R2H