Date: 1998
Place: Toulouse
Org: UPSUniversite Paul Sabatier
Team: Thomas Muller
Tech: POV-RayThe Persistence of Vision Raytracer

photoSynthèse #2


photoSynthèse #2 is the second  work of the photoSyntèse exhibitions series. It’s the result of a work on stereoscopic vision both in the  photographic and  the virtual space.

In 1998 I took these pictures with two disposable cameras side by side and a really primitive handmade trigger-synchronization system.

The pictures were exhibited in pairs using Wheatstone’s stereoscopes. This type of stereoscope is really simple and well suited to exhibitions.

As these pictures are designed for stereoscopic vision the graphic composition of the flat images can feel a bit messy. Please take some time to look at the low resolution stereograms using parallel viewing (look far away to generate a third image in the middle).

This exhibition was shown at:

  • October 1998: Salon FAUST art&sciences, Toulouse.
  • November 1998: BU Science UPS,  Toulouse.
  • December 1998: C.R.O.U.S, Toulouse.
  • January  1999: BU medecine UPS, Toulouse.
  • April to Jun 2000: Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Chalon sur Saône.

In collaboration with:

  • Action culturelle de la Division de la Vie Etudiante (UPS)
  • Culture Action 98 (CROUS)


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