Date: 2000
Place: Chalon sur Saone
Org: ENSAMEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers
Institut Image
Team: Sébastien Carpentier
Stéphane Imbert
Emmanuel Largant
Thomas Muller
David Pratmarty
Tech: Alias-Wavefront Maya
Avid Media Illusion



“Baladka” is the name of a song by “Legende La Lune”. In January 1999 I met the band “Legende La Lune” in a pub in Chalon sur Saône. They were playing great traditional music and as I was looking for an idea for our final project, I proposed to them to make a video clip using the virtual studio provided by the “Image Institut”. They accepted and a few enthusiastic students joined  the project.

For more information and the making-off, look at the official web site (by Sebastien Carpentier)
© Storyboard drawings by Emmanuel Largan.

Legende la lune:

Lucie Vendroux (dancer),  Hervé Duca (dancer), Jérôme Cannet (diatonic accordion), Aliocha Regnard (violin), Sylvain Nouguier (derbouka), Suzanne Kayzer (flute)

Thanks to:

Julien Roger, Jean-Michel Sanchez


Clone8 voile2 Voile3 supermanu reflecteur preparation